We offer various dental services at Crossover Veterinary Clinic.  By far the most common procedure is a dental cleaning, or prophylaxis.  We also do dental extractions for retained baby teeth and diseased or broken adult teeth. Dental health is of utmost importance to pets, and dental disease can negatively affect the well-being of the entire pet, not just their mouths.

Here is one of our canine patients before a dental cleaning – you can see the plaque and tartar built up around the gum line. Pets do have to be under gas anesthesia for a dental cleaning, so you are seeing the endotracheal tube providing anesthesia and oxygen to the dog during the procedure.










And here is the after photo – all that bacteria and tartar is gone. This will prevent the pet from having gum disease and losing teeth in the future.  Not to mention the immediate benefit of better breath!










Visit Vet Street for a good article on dental care for pets.

Also visit the Veterinary Oral Health Council website where you can find a list of products proven to help reduce tartar and promote good oral health in dogs and cats.